Perplexing Reality

by Dwarfstar

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Sholaimh Clachleabaidh
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Sholaimh Clachleabaidh Dark, atmospheric and very trippy. Along with Eleea’s “I”, one of my favourite albums to listen to late at night.


Project of Szabo VOID (Spüolus, Thy Funeral)
It is a digital only release.

Dwarfstar is an Avantgarde/independent musical project which was originally found back in 2003 still without name. Due to some natural preventing factor, this project was concretely activated only in 2015, after more than 12 years of mostly negative life-experiences, which were indispensable from the point of view of inner development. In the second half of 2015/first half of 2016 Dwarfstar’s first album was finally realized under the title of „Perplexing Reality”.

Dwarfstar has a strong spiritual background which is rooted in the ideas of Transcendental Voidism. Both the lyrics and the atmospheres concentrare on the Gnostic Knowledge, which helps to liberate the Transcendental Souls of human creatures from the prison of the material cosmos, from the claws of the transcendental paradoxon. Dwarfstar has nothing to do with those very popular empty-headed so called "satanic" views which are based mostly on goalless self-destruction, goalless hatred towards mankind, worshipping „darkness” etc. while in the background the so called followers are into partying, friendship, love and sex. NO!! Dwarfstar is a real manifestation of Rebellious Spirit and has two concrete goals: 1. God-Man realization (to reach the final Enlightenment) 2. To inspire the others (only the real Seekers) on their way of searching for the final Enlightenment. Of course the music of Dwarfstar is recommended for every open minded listener who like dark atmospheres in music and/or musical avantgardism, but this project can be completely appreciated only by the Real Spiritual Seekers (if there is any amongst the listeners of modern extreme music). Very important to mention that however Dwarfstar is deeply spiritual, but not religious at all. Dwarfstar concentrates on pure spiritual values, beyond the level of the religious rituals and religious force-glorification. Of course if somebody still needs some religious rituals which are useful for the given person on his/her own way of inner development, that is absolutely understood and not refused at all. But it does not mean, that Dwarfstar should ever support any kind of religious idiotism (the ways of holy blasphemy). When it comes to those forms of religious attitude which are based on zealotry, blind-belief, blind following and often malignant hypocrisy, Dwarfstar is definitely anti-religious. Dwarfstar also refuses the life-standards of the modern world and it's decadent societies. Also very important to mention, that Dwarfstar does not represent any political or nationalistic views.

(c) Szabo VOID

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released October 7, 2016


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