by Hverge



ambient | dark ambient | martial
It is a digital only release.

The Winter war / Soviet-Finnish war 1939-1940 (Finnish: "talvisota", Swedish: "vinterkriget") — the third military conflict between The Soviet Union and Finland which began on 30 November 1939 and ended on 12 March 1940. The standstill took place on 13 March.

The brief but bloody war warped plenty of human lives on both sides. Forests and bogs of Karelian Isthmus have kept multiple evidences of the events inside up to now.

The tracks of the mini-album "Talvisota" are all about it. It’s out of politics.

"Talvisota III: Letters from the Front" contains the fragment of the letter which was found by the reconnaissance department of Finnish General Staff on the body of the killed soldier on 8 March:

"... You have wrote to me if I need any parcel or money transfer. I'll say directly, there is no use to money, you can't buy anything here and the parcels come too slow. We're living here in the snow and coldness, there're only swamps and lakes around. You also wrote that you've started to sell my belongings by the understandable reasons. But that hurt my feelings anyway, it's like I'm already dead. Maybe you have such feeling like we're never going to meet anymore or you'll meet me as a cripple…"


released March 13, 2016


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